Miserable, Magical Monday

Hi friends! Barbara visited me this weekend (magical), but she's now back in San Diego (miserable). The AC in my apartment was malfunctioning (miserable) but it only took 5 minutes to fix last Thursday (magical)!!

Also...just because...
1. I mentioned last week that I'd been sifting through my Spotify music. Well, I finally finished. And I was thrilled when I turned on my shuffle at work last Wednesday. Oh man. You know those days when your Pandora or iPod is just so en pointe you feel like you're witnessing a mini miracle? That's what everyday feels like now. Music detox might be my favorite kind of detox (given the disaster that bath was). My taste really has changed a lot in the three years since I began using Spotify. But don't worry, there's always plenty of room for bad pop standards like Ke$ha and that almost-awful Owl City featuring Carly Rae Jepsen song in my music library.

2. The weather is burning up out here. We jumped from a lovely mid-70s high to mid-90s in the span of a weekend! Anyway, this jump in weather has left me totally unprepared to dress for work. First, I think I have seasonal memory loss. By that I mean I have major trouble transitioning between seasons. It works like this: when spring rolls around, I have the hardest time putting away my sweaters. Because in my brain, I've just gotten used to the winter weather. I've figured out my winter "look." I'm feeling that way now. I'd finally figured out how I wanted to wear my spring clothes and BAM! now it's summer weather. And I have nothing to wear to work. Seriously! I've been walking the fine line of business casual and I'm afraid I'll show up to the office in shorts one of these days! I just can't keep up with you, nature.

3. This brings me to a topic I haven't had to ponder in a while: office dress code. The office I work in is incredibly hard to read. The guys are easy, like always. They usually wear jeans, sometimes slacks, and a company polo or dress shirt. The women are an entirely different story. Capri twill pants seem to be a favorite, as are platform, wedge heeled flip flops and other open-toed shoes. But jeans are almost never seen on the women, except me. Frankly, if the men can wear jeans, then I can too. I also want a company polo, because that would honestly make my life easier on mornings I don't feel like a fashionista. Everything I read online assumes there's a specified code for what to wear to work...I have no such luxury. I still want to invest in some awesome blazers to up the professional look of, say, my favorite maxi dress. For the mean time, I'll just dress up a little nicer than I would on my day off (and stay away from the shorts).

4. The busted AC in my apartment paired with the diminishing chances of spring weather returning had me looking for other ways to stay cool. Brandon, the practical one, called maintenance and had them take a look at our thermostat. Me? I hunted for cold desserts on Pinterest. I love ice cream (because I'm five), but don't have a machine to make it, so I've researched methods for old school ice cream making. Maybe you saw my pins on coffee ice cream and mango sorbet? I might take the method for mango sorbet and use my frozen blueberries instead. I'm also pretty excited about making coffee ice cream. It's a marriage of my two favorite things!
5. I have a terrible habit of sipping my coffee too slowly. Well, it's terrible for the winter when all I need is something to warm me up/wake me up. I literally go back to the microwave an average of four times to heat up my coffee. However, the temperature hit 90-something on Wednesday and I was in no mood for hot coffee. Enter the official start of ice coffee season!

6. I mentioned Barbara came to stay with me this weekend. Side note: I always feel Jane Austen-esque when people come stay with me (by people I mean my sister and Barbara). I can't tell you why, but it feels platonically romantic. Is that even a thing? Anyway, it was an extremely chill weekend filled with three different trips to a coffee shop, one of which was Mishka's Cafe in downtown Davis. I'd been there once before when I was going through my post-grad depression. This time I had a deliciously smooth mint latte. Pretty sure that sucker was made with whole milk, too. Mmm! It was so rich and frothy and yummy. Definitely I place I'll go back to once we move. We also took a walk at Peña Adobe on Saturday. I always knew this park existed, but I'd never taken the initiative to actually go out there and see it. It's gorgeous. Of course I don't have photos of either of these activities because I was too busy talking.
7. Brandon and I are finishing the Harry Potter movie marathon (a what?) tonight. I don't know if I'm prepared for all the the feelings I'm going to have to deal with. This is the first time I've made it a point to watch the movies in a limited amount of time. Usually I just watch whichever ABC Family is airing. It's been really, really interesting to apply all of my nerdy knowledge that I've acquired since reading the series. Also, Brandon never finished reading the books but loves discussing fantasy universes, so we've totally spent our pre-sleeping talks discussing how magic works here compared to other universes, how Voldemort's soul is probably not split into even pieces but halves of halves, what each character's special talent is, you get the picture. In short, we're so nerding out together. And I love it. Kind of like I love this.
♥ A

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  1. Haha oh my. Okay. I'm glad Barbara visited you. That's always nice. And I understand the romantic piece. Totally makes sense.

    I'm so excited that you're moving to Davis!! And I'm kind of jealous. It's going to be so nice being there this summer. Hopefully I can come visit next month when I'm out there. Do you have a bicycle so that you can ride around on the weekends and go to Farmers' Markets and buy strawberries and put them in your basket? Haha.

    Ah, work dress code. I feel ya on the seasons thing. In the fall I went to the outlets and bought all these new clothes, but now that it's practically summer, I need a whole new round.