2014 Highlights, In Photos

Everyone and their mother is doing end-of-year roundups and I'm no exception. Here's a look at the high moments of my otherwise tumultuous 2014.

We never did blog about our autumnal trip to Apple Hill, but we went and I love this photo of Barbara. November, Apple Hill, CA

Sold Brandon's Magic cards so he could buy a bass, January

Starbucks with Brandon, February, Fairfield,CA

Watching Say Nothing in the Valentine's Day fort, February

Tahoe, March

I feel like this is what Yellowcard was talking about in Empty Apartment, May

Costa Rica with my sister, June/July

Stunning back road sunset, July

My friend got married! August, Salinas, CA

Trivia night at Woodstock's, August?, Davis, CA

Pre-25th-birthday trip with Barbara, October, Cafe Bassam, San Diego, CA

OMG the colors. The glorious colors! September, Muir Beach Overlook, CA

Exploring our new town's pool scene, May/June, G Street Wunderbar, Davis, CA

The dessert at my friend Kari's wedding was extraordinary..and beautiful to look at, August, Salinas, CA 
Brandon will hate me for this photo but it's one of my favorites. This was our last night in our first apartment. We sat on the floor, laughed and talked just like any other Saturday night. Derek sent Barbara this photo and Brandon tried to be funny. I just laughed. I like to remember that apartment in this context. May, Fairfield, CA 
Brandon and I went ice skating -- as, of course, is tradition -- on the anniversary of
our engagement.We got lucky and had the entire rink to ourselves. I got to pretend I was a real
figure skater and Brandon taught me how to skate backwards. And we got to stand in the
exact spot where he asked me to marry him two years ago. And I wore the same scarf I wore
that night because nostalgia is my love language.

Brandon had his first show with a country cover band out of Chico. I never thought
I'd see the day this man would purposefully listen to country music, but it's nice
to know he can still surprise me after eight years!

Happy 2015, everybody!
♥ A