A Random Account of Weeks Past

I have a confession to make.

Brandon and I tore down the Christmas tree five days ago.

Yeah. As in January 30th, five days ago.

I know, I know. It's embarrassing. But it's not like we planned this! We had every intention of taking it down and disposing of it properly.  But we got so busy and tired and kind of just left it there...because we're children who would rather watch TV and eat cereal than clean up the disaster of pine needles that our tree had become.

I almost wanted to pretend like the tree was just too sentimental to throw out. I also kind of felt like Sam from Garden State having my tree up so late after Christmas.

Anyway, my and Brandon's schedules have been so packed that we decided to make time to tear the tree down on Thursday. Brandon ended up going into a cleaning spree, which I honestly had no clue how to handle, so I let him do his thing. He vacuumed, dusted, cleaned the stove, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and even did a load of laundry. He was on a roll! I sat on the couch with a bewildered look on my face.
After the spree, B and I settled into a night of our new favorite show, That 70's Show. I've always enjoyed the random episodes on ABC Family (or whatever channel I used to watch it on) after class in high school. As usual, watching form the beginning is pretty sweet. I don't know who my favorite character is or what my favorite story line is yet, but it's only season 2. And what I do know is I love it.
Are the gifs too much? I think they add a bit of fun to my otherwise pretty boring posts.

OH! What I will mention to you five is that Brandon's getting a new job! Yup. No more delivering pizzas for my music-playing guy. Allow me to a get a little churchy right now and tell you that I was freaking out over how we were going to survive once Sac State became a reality for B. The plan was for him to not work and focus on school and possible gigs, but I was skeptical as to how we'd manage with only my paycheck. FinAid is only a maybe and I'm not great with "maybe's" and "we'll see's." Anyway, I was suppressing my anxiety. But Sunday I was reminded that God provides for us. I keep getting that reminder slapped in my face time after time, mostly because I keep looking back to how my life could have been different (i.e. happier for me) had I made different decisions right after graduation. But you know what? A perfect grad program will pop up for me, I'll be focused and ready to tackle a dissertation. And B and I will find a place to settle. That's just not for now. And that's OK

Brandon and I are headed to a Los Lonely Boys concert tonight. I'll  write about our City adventure and what I'm sure will be a fantastic show.

I leave you with one final gif of girls who know what it's like to have an extremely shallow air of sexy mystery in honor of me (finally) finishing 30 Rock on Netflix.
May it rest in peace.

♥ A

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  1. Hahah. I think it's a sin to leave Christmas stuff up past my birthday. But I also believe in grace, so I forgive you. We JUST took our tree down at work on Friday, so same day as you guys haha.

    Yay Brandon for cleaning! And for you not having to, haha.

    Oh I'm glad you guys are Watching That 70s Show. That's one of those that I've always meant to watch, too. Maybe I'll do that when I'M married, ha.

    I like the GIFs. Keep em comin.

    Haha, "you five." There must be more of us out there! So what's Brandon's new job?

    Ah, 30 Rock is another show I need to watch.