The Long Weekend's Accompanying Long Post

Unlike the lucky desk-job-holding people who've had one or two three day weekends already, President's day my first long weekend of the year. Now, I'm the kind of person who gets really excited about  my free time. So excited, in fact, that I like to jam pack my free time and then plan out my jam packed schedule. I have so much fun being busy. It makes me feel like I'm 100% in control of my time and makes me feel accomplished, but in a way that says  I just did whatever I wanted to all day long just like I planned. It's a little sick, I know. Anyway, true to form, I didn't get all that much rest this weekend.

Friday was Valentine's day...I completely forgot about that. That's how long this weekend felt. OK, so I had this fabulous plan for V day this year. It all started with me perusing the almighty Pinterest. The food, home decor and DIY categories--which are basically the only ones I check--were swimming with V day ideas that no real guy would ever think of doing on his own/spend the time doing. But everything was so cute! And love-y. And for a split second I caught myself starting to feel bummed that my husband wasn't as creative as a stay at home mom.
But I quickly snapped out of it. I thought to myself, THIS is why so many couples fight on special days. It hadn't occurred to me that the vast majority of guys aren't scouring Pinterest to come up with cute ideas for anything. I know Brandon doesn't think about how he wraps my gifts. I know for a fact he hadn't thought about getting me a valentine's day gift. The guy is too busy to play his favorite video games! And let's face it, that's a top priority. My point is, most dudes give no thought to cute aesthetics. If there is a grand gesture, it's the thought that's cute.
Like Marsahll is.
I'm assuming you're all still with me. Given that B was busy (and scheduled to work Friday evening), I took it upon myself to plan our Valentine's day. I built a fort with our couch, chairs, extra bed sheets and pillows in front of the TV in our living room and I named it The One Night Stand to be funny. In hind sight, I think The Stand (one night only) would have been a much more clever name for the fort. But I was building off of The Shaggin Wagon, so it was the best I had on short notice. We all left the office early (thank God) so I also got to make chicken parmesan meatballs, potato wedges, fruit kebabs and heart shaped rice krispie treats. When B (finally) got home, we ate our dinner, snacked on our treats (including the not listed candy) and watched Say Anything (a John Cusack standard and romcom perfect for me and B) followed by That 70's Show aka our new obsession into the wee hours of the morning. I was pretty proud of my accomplishment.
No lie I actually made a similar gesture when Brandon got home.
Saturday I tried my hand at making cinnamon roll hearts out of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (thanks, Pinterest). Except I bought the Cinnabon ones and slightly overbaked them, then left them in the pan for too long and they got stuck. It didn't matter because Brandon and I made so much breakfast bacon and eggs. I didn't eat anything until later when I made dumplings (insert impressive Chinese word here) and stir fry with Hailey. She lived in China for a year and bought everything at an Asian market so I'd venture to say they were pretty legit. Also, delicious. She even let me take leftovers home!
After dinner came The Blair Witch Project. I'm not one for horror films, much less found footage ones because apparently film students nowadays don't know how to hold a camera steady, which gives me motion sickness. Anyway, I was super impressed with Blair Witch. I honestly think it was a brilliant concept, especially for the late 90's. I could go into why I think it was so cool but I'll spare you all my snobbery. Just know that I highly recommend it and urge you to pay attention at the beginning if you do watch it.

Sunday was Brandon's audition for Sac State. We were both pretty nervous/excited about it. We skipped church and didn't sleep in (in fact we woke up WAY earlier than normal). Brandon's really introverted and focused (read: quiet) under pressure, so I took to sneaking pictures of him practicing/mentally preparing for his audition in order to keep my mouth shut.
Secret picture.
Attempting to not be annoying.

Playing air bass.
Hipster hovergram in the hallway.
 I didn't ask about sitting in on his audition so I chilled in the hall forcing my ears to try to hear him play. But some bro on percussion was practicing and there's no mute button on drums so I heard next to nothing.

After his audition we headed back home where we stopped for Subway brunch and watched an insane amount of...you guessed it, That 70's Show, followed by an epic Rock Band party later that night.

Monday was Brandon's last day working for Amici's (YEAAAAHHH). We squeezed in a quick coffee date and settled on a day to go apartment hunting. Which honestly couldn't have come at a better time since we're getting pretty fed up with the new management at our complex.
The rest of the day was filled with yoga and other normal stuff.
Thanks for sticking with me during my novel-writing practice.I realize I'm long-winded. Cool news, though. My mom asked me to make the most cupcakes I've ever made ever for my brother's 13th birthday. And guess what? They're the tiramisu cupcakes I'm trying to perfect. 72 cupcakes sounds like the ideal place to practice. Oy vey. 72 cupcakes...

♥ A

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