12 Things Update, or How I'm Horrible at Keeping Up

It's been over two months since I decided to accomplish 12 Things before turning 25.

Can you guess how much progress I've made?

Yeah...like none.

1. Perfect the tiramisu cupcake
I mentioned in a post that my mom asked me to make 72 of these for my brother's 13 birthday. So I crossed this off last Saturday. Blog story to come.

2. Read 6 books
I just picked up Stephen King's The Shining courtesy of my father-in-law. But I haven't actually finished a book I've started in the last two months. I did, however, make a list! Because I'm really good at those.

3. Explore a part of SF I've spent little time in
Brandon and I headed out to SF earlier this month for a Los Lonely Boys concert. I grabbed one of the most delicious lattes I've ever tasted from this super hipster, pretentious (read: lovely) shop called The Mill, which is down the street from The Independent (where the Boys were playing). Seriously, the latte is divine. No sugar or syrups necessary. Still, I'd been there once before and we didn't explore anything. I really want to go to Chinatown because I've literally never been, which is so dumb. It's right there. I've also heard rumors about a French cultural hotspot in the city but I need to locate it and find out where to go aka where to drink coffee and eat all the bread while there.

4. Finish organizing and uploading my Project 365
Siiiggghhh. Rest in peace my dear 365. I think I killed you after getting back from Hawaii. If not then, then when I broke my phone. Or when I erased all of the photos off my iPhone because I didn't know what I was doing. I will still upload what's left of you, because you deserve that.

5. Practice French everyday for one month
I started this in February because I don't trust myself to maintain motivation for 30 or 31 days. I thought the shortest month of the year would be a breeze! I was wrong. April seems to look pretty open as of now. I'll do this then.

6. Make coffee art
I'm making baby progress with this! I frothed some milk a few weeks ago and poured it into my weekend morning coffee. Then proceeded to sip it/watch Arrested Development for at least an hour before getting off the couch. I've also looked up some neat tutorial vids on YouTube (which I've fallen back in love with recently). I do need to get some real espresso, though. Maybe I can use my Keurig to brew it for me? I also need to find a good milk steaming/frothing/pouring vessel. Mugs are not cutting it.

7. Bake a cake/cupcakes from scratch.
Nothing yet. Maybe next time when I don't have to make 72 cupcakes (can you tell that number is a tad overwhelming for me? Gah!)

8. Watch 10 classic movies I've never seen before
I made a pretty solid list  of the movies I want to watch for this. I incorporated some old school classics, like Casablanca, some cult favorites, like Fight Club and some genre classics, like Alien.

9. Complete 5 of my pins from Learn/Make/Do
Remember when I declared that I would go to Michael's and buy crafting supplies? Well I picked up the mod podge and some other random stuff. But all of the crafts I picked were my most interesting (and difficult) ones. I did clean my makeup brushes! so one down. Four to go.

10. Hand letter something. Turn that something into art.
I've actually been the most consistent with this one. I've picked out my quotation and have been practicing. And I think I've finally nailed what I want it to look like. Just gotta finish it, scan it, and blow that sucka up. I'm sure that will make an interesting post.

11. Volunteer at Coastal Cleanup Day
This happens in September. Can't do much about that.

12. Decorate our apartment
This is another that will have to wait. The lease on our apartment is up in April or May and B and I have decided not to extend it. The complex is undergoing a management shift (we think so at least...they're trying to keep it under wraps) and so far we're not amused/impressed/happy with it. So apartment hunting we will go this weekend! I'll probably also blog about that.

♥ A

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