Happy 7th

I'm very intentional about not being what I call a "we" couple. For me, maintaining a sense of individuality within my romantic relationship is really important. I love Brandon so freakin much, but my world doesn't have to revolve around him or vice versa. It's one thing I really cherish about my relationship with him. We have completely separate interests, yet somehow we've been lucky enough not to run out of things to talk about over the last 7 years.

That's what brings me to what I'm about to post. I'm almost nervous to share something that's so personal to me and B because I don't want anyone to think I'm a part of a "we" couple or that I'm being weirdly pushy about my marital status.

Also, I'm not pregnant. I hope you weren't hoping I was.

But enough stalling.

Ever since we were teenagers with raging hormones (as my sister so dully noted in her Maid of Honor speech/song), Brandon and I have avoided saying "happy anniversary" to each other. Instead, we say "happy seventh," because we officially started dating on September 7th, 2006.

Seven years later, we got married. That was eight months ago today. It blows my mind to think I've been with this guy since I was 16. Anyway, I'm in a particularly sharing mood, so I thought I'd post some photos of us through the years. Is that okay? I hope so. You have every right to not read on if you can't handle the romantic indulgence I'm about to embark on.
WE WERE CHILDREN. Homecoming c. 2007/8
2009-ish. On our way to a date at Buffalo Wild Wings.
Hanging out in PB on Brandon's surprise visit to Loma in 2010.
Ocean Beach, San Francisco, September 20
Better together, 2012
Newly engaged.at the movies. December 2012
Proper engagement photos, March 2013 (Thanks, Ryan Doyle)
Graduated and unphotogenic, May 2013
Married and kissing because little kids find wedding bells super amusing.
September 2013. (Thank you, Ryan Doyle)
Thanks for powering through that. 10 points to whatever house you've been sorted into!

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  1. Haha aw I like the Happy 7th thing. And it's so funny because I remember we were camping in the summer of 2006 and your mom was telling me how she had a feeling that you would have a boyfriend your senior year of high school, and then a few months later you were dating Brandon, haha.