Miserable Magical Monday || 3-9-15

It's Monday. Are you miserable? Maybe some of this will make it magical.

1. I'm watching the Sharks play the Penguins as I type this. So if at some point there's a random typo or if I sound randomly flustered it's because something exciting is happening. Something intense enough to make me say "Come on, boys." That's my personal cheer. I never shout it, but whisper it like they'll be able to hear me through the TV or something. Like there's something magical about a whisper. Or a point, for that matter.


2. We celebrated my dad-in-law's birthday on Saturday with lots of good barbecue, apple pie, and the Live Aid DVD. I guess the Queen performance there was frickin legendary, but I'd never had the pleasure of watching it until then. Brandon and I later marveled at how commanding Freddie Mercury was. The clip below is still relatively early in the 20 minute performance, but the fact that Freddie doesn't at any point ask the audience to chant with him is amazing enough. They just listen! It was amazing and I'm pissed I never got to see Queen live.

3. I read this article on NPR. It's short and just a nice story, but sometimes a nice story is all you need on the mediocre days!

4. I listen to the Coffee Break French podcast and this week's episode was soooo good. There was even a Friends (FRIENDS? What's the consensus on the formatting?) reference made by one of the hosts. I blurted out a "HAAA" when I heard it. Besides that, the vocab was stellar and the grammar was intense. Which is great because my French has taken a huge hit thanks to all the Spanish I speak and write at work.

Did that sound as annoying as I'm reading it? I swear I'm not trying to be impressive or cool.


Alright, that's all I've got for today. I hope your Monday (or Tuesday) is a good one.

♥ A


  1. Haha. I've been listening to sermon podcasts. Bridgetown Church in Portland, OR is my current favorite.

    1. Oh, and as of now, This American Life. Because I'm cultured, damnit!