Reminiscing About La Tour Eiffel

If you googled something today (I guess it's not really today anymore for you east coasters...oops), you saw Google's header was something honoring the Eiffel Tower 126th Opening Anniversary. Since I'm practically obsessed with the Eiffel Tower and I'll take any excuse to humbly gloat about seeing it in person, I'm forcing my terrible four year old photos on you now.

Will it make it better if I tell you I waited in the wrong line for about an hour and never made it to the very top of the tower because I had to catch the RER (I think) back to my host-home?

It's one of my life's biggest disappointments.

That and this photo of me looking like a total goober.

On to the decent stuff!

That blue sky is something else over there.

View from the first level.

I spared you a photo of my feet on the first step. Because I care that you don't care to see my sandal-walking tourist toes.

My favorite memory from this day is the dirty bonheur puns one of my classmates/groupmates kept making (I'll let you read bonheur in English and guess what kind of joke bandwagon we all jumped on).

Also the view of Montmartre was insane. That's the Sacre Coeur.

I can't end this without including the group photo that was not taken on my camera and that I totally downloaded from Facebook four years ago.

Hashtag take me back immediately please.

♥ Alex

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