{If you read my 12 Things post, you know I'm trying 12--well, more than 12, really--new things this year. This is my first of 5 things to do based on my Learn/Make/Do board on Pinterest aka #9.}

Do you ever have moments in your life where you finally think you've got it right? Like, you've sat down, figured out a routine that will keep you sane and healthy and are so utterly committed to seeing it through you surprise yourself? And you think that this resolve and motivation is a sign that stars are aligning and that you're on the precipice of growing as a human being.

And then Monday happens. And no matter how strong your resolve is when you get up and while you do yoga, stretch and even make/eat a breakfast and pack your lunch, you'll inevitably hit a bump in the road. Like not being able to find the dress you planned to wear and spending too much time looking for it. And then, once you find it and get dressed, you might just spill an obscene amount of your loose powder blush all over yourself, the counter, the floor and your makeup brushes.
So doesn't do the mess justice
Good thing you'd already been thinking about cleaning those bad boys. I pulled up my pin and a bit of shampoo and EVOO later, my brushes were clean. I think I might have to redo by foundation (?) brush...you know, the one covered in pink dust in the photo? I don't know its name. It's a little awkward. I mean, we see each other every day and I never know what to call her.

Speaking of work (no, we actually weren't, but I'm 100% switching gears right now and don't know how to transition us out of my bad joke about makeup brush names).

I was under the impression that a person from our German HQ would be in the office on Wednesday. I was wrong. She came in Thursday, which threw off the whole first impression I was trying to make. See above paragraphs chronicling how things just go wrong sometimes. Anyway, I took a more than normal interest in planning my outfits this week and am pretty proud of what I came up with. Here's a peek at my workweek fashion (minus Thursday which was too hard of a day for me to remember to snap a pic). Hashtag OOTD! *eye roll*

Monday. Note the sparkly dress on display.
Tuesday. Didn't actually wear these heels on that day.
Not that it really matters.
Wednesday. I'm most proud of this one.
So classy (and comfy...shh). Also, WEDDING shoes!
Casual Friday. Knit on knit and boots.
Oh! and Game of Thrones inspired braids in my hair.
I'm going to go on record and say that felt insanely weird. That being displaying my outfits on the internet. This might be the last time I ever do that. Probs for the best.

♥ A

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  1. And the aforementioned brush name questioning and powdery flurry of a mess is why I do not wear blush.