The Year in Review: 2013

It's just about the last day of December which means it's once again time to reflect on the year, what we learned, what we did and what we'd like to learn and do in the coming year.

Side note: Remember when we all thought our computers were going to shut down 13 years ago? That's weird. I was in fifth grade.

I discovered that I actually held a lot of my...weirdness (I don't like that word but can't think of anything else) back from Brandon before we got married. The good news is he's also pretty silly and joins in on my random dance breaks. The better news is I love him even more.

I learned that "being an adult" is completely a fake-it-till-you-make-it situation after college. Brandon and I are not fully settled adults, even if we are married. Heck, we barely got Christmas gifts wrapped in time for the Christmas Eve service! We haven't purchased groceries in like three weeks. Not because we don't have the money, but because we just don't feel like it. It's hilarious and ridiculous...and fun.

Along the same vein, I realized once again that no matter how hard you try to keep your crap together (or your apartment organized) and be a grown up, there's always a chance you'll end up getting someone else's Christmas cards, or will be too late to go ice skating on the anniversary of your enagement or whatever. Life happens to us no matter if we're 16 and forgot to memorize our lines/choreography, 21 and forgot to take some Advil before bed or 24 and forgot that online Christmas shopping should be done early.

I started this year off at the peak of a mountain. I loved school, loved my internship, had the closest group of friends I think I've ever had, got engaged and had big plans for life after Loma. You know how movies depict your senior year of high school? That's what my life felt like. Then graduation happened and I moved away from San Diego and that friend group that felt more like family. I slowly came down from the peak. Then I couldn't find a job and honestly did not enjoy the work I did get. And I descended from that peak some more. Then I got a great job offer and got married and had a wonderful wedding day and honeymoon. And I thought Ok. The bottom was back there, it's only up from here. But I'm still waiting to climb back up. I've waited 3 months. I want to love my work. I crave a tight group of friends. I want to be out of this valley that I seem to find myself in. My hope is that 2014 will surprise me with clarity, direction and opportunities to share my life with the people I care for.

Also, I have to say this: the outpouring of love, support, well wishes and generosity on the part of my friends and family (not just limited to the close friends) never ceases to overwhelm me. I could cry right now just thinking about how nice people have been to me and Brandon this year. Brandon and I are a one vehicle family right now, which means I rely on our families to get home from work on days when Brandon works past 5. I am not the kind of girl to ask for help. I refused to ask to move closer to the board in third grade (before I had glasses and couldn't see) because...I don't know why. I like being independent. I don't like being a bother or hassle. And my initial reaction to asking for help is to think oh boy, here we go. I'm going to impose. Which is totally stupid because I have no qualms with helping others. I can't tell you why I don't trust others to help me. Just know that when you respond Of course! or Absolutely! or Duh, you touch my heart. I marvel at your generosity and you embody the love of Christ to me. So thank you. (CRYING AVERTED!)

Whoa, there. It got a little real, didn't it? Let's bring it back. Here are some of my 2013's highlights in photos.
The joy that was our weekly family dinner in Goodwin.
A random photo of Barbara's book and coffee.
Afternoons spent at the intern station.
Easter in San Diego.

Celebrating my sister's 21st in San Diego.
Sunsets at dinner. I miss these still.
Graduating with my best friend and getting photobombed by my other best friends.
San Francisco exploring with James and Jenny.
My favorite snapchat I've ever sent. Oh the things I do for church.
Letting my campers know it's 100% okay to be silly no matter your age.
Karaoke Thursdays with old friends.
My wedding day morning. Not too much has changed, if you ask me.
Corn maze in October.
My rendition of Taylor Swift for Halloweekend/me and Holly's Brithday weekend in SB. 
An outtake of what should have been our Christmas card, but just wasn't meant to be this year.
Happy New Year, everyone!

♥ A

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